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Currenlty with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, a majority of consultations are being performed via telemedicine. In office visits are arranged however when indicated or preferred. 

Prior to your Appointment

  • Please obtain a referral from your primary care physician if indicated. 

  • Please locate all relevant imaging, medication lists, and procedural history.

  • For spine related issues having a recent MRI prior to the appointment willl expedite diagnosis and treatment, but this can be ordered at the consultation if indicated. 

  • Please complete all paperwork ahead of time or plan to arrive 1.5 hours ahead of time to complete paperwork.

Day of Appointment

  • For in person visits: Enter from the Marley avenue lobby across from the 3rd avenue parking garage. Temperatures are checked at the door and due to visitor restrictions only the patient is allowed in at this time. The 2910 Suite is just around the corner inside the lobby entrance. Check in at the front desk. 

  • For telemedicine visits please follow the instructions sent to you via portal or email. 

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